Write the next chapter

You know the old adage

If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results

I wonder how often you have got stuck on the same page of your own biography.  We all do from time to time, but eventually you need to turn the page and write a new chapter.

Maybe it is easier to think of someone else who is stuck on their own story.  Can you think of someone who seems to remain in the past, or still tells the same old stories. Yes?  Often these people make you feel frustrated, annoyed, bored, flat.  You see if you keep playing that same record, reading the same story, eventually all meaning and heart disappears.

You may find yourself being in that situation, and even boring yourself.  Are you still giving the story of how you would have got the promotion if X,Y or Z had have happened.  Or perhaps you recall the good old days, before the merger, restructure or old boss was there.  Maybe you still tell the story of your school or uni days when life was exciting, free and everything seemed possible.  What ever the story you keep telling, do you ever stop to think about closing that chapter and writing a new one?


The beautiful thing about your life and career is actually, you are the author.

You can choose to stay put, telling the same story, waiting for circumstances to write the next part of the story.  Or…. just imagine…  you can pick up the pen and write the rest of the book.  You choose the location, the theme, the characters, the feelings, the hero and the direction.

You can choose when events happen, how you want them to be and by when.  You bring the characters to the book by identifying who is needed and for what purpose.  It’s all for your own creation.

So pick up that pen and write your personal story, your career story, your family story or your big romance.  With you as the Hero, who are you going to be?


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