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Conscious conversations to open up your team

Conscious conversations I recently watched a video on conscious parenting and how we all fall into the traps of repeating the parenting styles of our parents subconsciously.  As a parent, I have caught

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Communication and the power game

Communication and the unintended power game Have you ever been involved in a conversation at work and suspect that you are the last to know about that big piece office gossip?  You remember that crushing

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The 3 principles of feedback for success

Feedback is a gift You know the phrase and giving usually feels good doesn’t it?  Yet the idea of giving feedback fills most people with dread and as a result our gift is not always gratefully received. 

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Trust yourself before others can trust you

Trust the foundation of any relationship Trust is fundamental building block of any relationship.  We use the same life  skills whether we are in relationship personally or in the workplace and your

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Pay it forward – the gift of great leaders

Pay it forward – The gift of the leader Remember what is was like in your twenties, when you first entered the workplace.  Everything was new and exciting.  You went boldly into the world, with

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