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Stand for what you believe.

Stand for what you believe Over the last few weeks I am being drawn to, or seeing the connections between people who are making a stand for what they believe. Take David Bowie. We loved him for many reasons,

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Drop the mask and be you

I forget sometimes how difficult it is for us to drop the mask and be ourselves.  You would think it is the easiest thing in the world, being yourself, yet we do almost everything we can do be someone

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How to be a hero

I wonder how many people quit before they succeed. I see so many people quit before they even start, which is a tragedy, but those that quit after they have made the mental change is so sad.  I have this

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Embracing Vulnerability

What does vulnerability mean to you?  Take a minute to think about it. I remember the moment that I realised that most of my coping mechanisms in my life were to stop my feelings of vulnerability.  Vulnerability

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