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How Senior Teams trump Boards everytime

"I just want people to take accountability for results""Why can't people just work together to find solutions instead of always pushing upwards?"These are common frustrations that are felt by new leaders

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Team Charters. Old hat or absolute essentials?

Let’s talk Team Charters. I can see your eyes rolling now. Not another HR initiative. I have done exactly the same in the past. A set of rules and principles, handed to me or posted on a wall

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Master the 10 rules of conflict and lead with better decisions

When I get with a team the first thing I do is watch for conflict. When I pose a question I observe who speaks, who glances at who and what isn't being said. This gives me a real insight into how healthy

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How to spot that toxic member of the team fast

I am all for bringing your own, whole, unique self to the workplace. In fact I champion authenticity and diversity. Yet sometimes you find that someone in your team that is actually harming your

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How leaders create align personal goals with business purpose to achieve a results based culture

Yesterday I met with a CEO of a national brand. She had just completed her interview with Investors in People assessors and was hoping to maintain gold status.   One of the questions that was

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