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5 practices talent magnets do daily to develop people’s best work

The talent shortage is real and many companies are struggling to fill their most important vacancies, which means they are struggling to grow, perform and innovate. Yet other companies seem to have their

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Steve Jobs on leadership

Steve jobs on leadership. Love him or hate him, he had a vision and was a transformational leader.  Hear his team talk about his approach to hiring talent.  

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Attract and Retain Talent to grow your business

Attract the right people   It takes a lot of effort to attract and recruit people to your company, not to mention the cost that is usually associated with recruitment. Imagine how great life would

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Leaders. Don’t find them – create them.

It all starts with leaders It should be easy to attract, develop and retain leaders.  After all, there are millions of books, paper and blogs on how to be a leader, more information than you can possibly

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How attractive are you as a leader?

I could not have imagined the workplace of today as I soon my first job after graduating back in 1998.  Back then we still had fax machines, fixed hours and we had our own desk.  Working from home was

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