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The puzzle of team dynamics

The puzzle Teamwork is a puzzle that is constantly changing. Pieces move, grow, shrink, behaviours and attitudes evolve. It is easy to think a functioning team will remain so.In my experience

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3wg coaching leadership

What kind of coach do you need today?

With so many people calling themselves a coach it is hard to know who to choose and why you even need one. Read on to learn more.

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Why I have fallen in love with coaching again

Pre pandemic I found myself doing less one to one coaching and more workshops, team coaching and development programmes for teams. I put so much energy into building this side of the business that I stopped

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How Covid changed the way we develop and what leaders need to do now

During COVID, L&D provision was probably one area leaders sliced back on. I get it. When you are fighting for survival, living in chaos, is spending money and time on development really a priority? However,

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Fred Copestake teaser

Next week the brilliant Fred Copestake shares his ideas on partnering through sales and the similarities in leadership   And it actually comes down something quite simple. Organizations

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