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The Changing Landscape of Work and Why Gen Z and Millennials Aren’t Grateful That You Gave Them a Job

The context:Gone are the days when an organisation would hire an employee, and that employee felt forever indebted for the job and remained loyal no matter what. The workforce has changed, and

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Why leaders need to define the real problem before fixing it by involving the team

Learn how having a shared understanding of the issue helps to generate effective solutions and why leaders should ensure their team feels comfortable speaking up with ideas or feedback that arise during

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Why meetings fail and how to make them more productive

The Story:Meeting fatigue is real. According to a survey, 70% of people dread them, with “lack of clarity” and "waste of time" being the main pain points. Inefficient meetings are everywhere,

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The puzzle of team dynamics

The puzzle Teamwork is a puzzle that is constantly changing. Pieces move, grow, shrink, behaviours and attitudes evolve. It is easy to think a functioning team will remain so.In my experience

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3wg coaching leadership

What kind of coach do you need today?

With so many people calling themselves a coach it is hard to know who to choose and why you even need one. Read on to learn more.

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