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How Covid changed the way we develop and what leaders need to do now

During COVID, L&D provision was probably one area leaders sliced back on. I get it. When you are fighting for survival, living in chaos, is spending money and time on development really a priority? However,

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Fred Copestake teaser

Next week the brilliant Fred Copestake shares his ideas on partnering through sales and the similarities in leadership   And it actually comes down something quite simple. Organizations

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Why savvy leaders use group coaching

Leaders as coaches Leaders who coach their teams towards solutions and action have a leadership edge. They refuse to run meetings where they do all of the talking, find all of the

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The future wants of work

In my book, LeaderX, I wrote about my prediction for the decade ahead. Little did I know that everything would be fast forwarded, tested and challenged in the very first year. I knew change was coming.

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7 benefits leaders find by choosing to have the tough conversations

The leadership development programmes we run are completely bespoke. One module that always gets selected by leaders is feedback. They know it's important, but can't seem to nail it, because at first

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