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LeaderX with Daniel Priestley

I remember the first time I came across Daniel Priestley. I was doing the ironing one sunday afternoon, listening to a podcast and he was the guest. I remember because it was the

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How leaders are redesiging their businesses using the 5 MYs method

I have always been on a mission to support leaders in creating teams and organisations that attract, develop and engage top talent and get results. It's why my business was formed. Now my conversations

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Interview with Dominic Colenso

I loved chatting to Dominic Colenso about communication with impact a critical skill for all leaders. He knows his stuff and it’s well worth 30 minutes of your time.

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LeaderX made no 1

Who releases a new book during the first week of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic? That would be me, Lucy Barkas, author of LeaderX. All promotional engagements got cancelled and the launch party

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How leaders can break or make a human

With great power comes great responsibility During a recent workshop I became quite passionate. A few comments were made in a less than favourable way about staff. I'm sure it was showboating,

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