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A real life leadership story

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure to observe a Leader that demonstrates so many of the Leadership practices and behaviours that I help clients develop. It has been a pleasure to observe

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Beating the blocker at work

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone is presenting an idea or proposal and the local blocker comes out to play? You can spot them a mile off. The blocker is the one who looks at every conceivable

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Developing careers. How to be a career crafting leader.

Job profiles are at the heart of any recruitment and people management process. In fact I absolutely agree that as an effective manager you will need to scope out what needs to be done and what kind of

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Survival of the fittest. 5 ways to thrive in business.

20th century capitalism was built on the foundations of survival of the fittest.  As a social scientist I have always been intrigued by how belief systems evolve and structure our education, politics

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It’s funny how some songs, quotes or people manage to motivate us without effort. Every time I feel like quitting, I hear my personal trainer singing NOT GIVING IN over the mic in our spin class. When

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