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Why leaders can’t see what’s right in front of them and how they can learn to spot issues faster

Before you can diagnose the problems in your business, you need to almost take a step back and look objectively, sometimes you're too close to the detail and too emotionally invested to be rational. You

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My Story – Why I do what I do.

More and more I am being asked why I do what I do and what drives me. It feels really strange to share my story as I have always been preoccupied by understanding other people and exploring why we do what

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How parenting is like leading a team

I was interviewed recently for a national magazine about life as a working mum, juggling all of the activities the children are involved in.  A question was asked that made me really think about the big

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Empower yourself and you empower the world

I get so passionate about why I believe empowering others, supporting and lifting each other is so important.  I often get so stuck in articulating it because there are too many connections, causes and

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How to empower?

Empower is a buzz word.  It has been doing the rounds for a few years now and we all know that great leaders empower, great companies empower their staff and we are better parents when we empower our

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