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5 truths about leadership coaching

Now I have met a lot of business leaders, a lot of executive and leadership coaches and read a whole lot of books on the subject and to be honest, even I get confused about what  leadership coaching is and

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I am feeling very courageous so wanted to share this thought for the day

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3 things big business can learn from the entrepreneur

Maybe it is a result of the recession and mass redundancies, or maybe it is the lack of employment available for young people, or maybe it is just because we are now seeing that there is another way, but

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Reflect your way to growth

Wow what a week of successes, failures, stumbles and skips.  My emotions and confidence levels have been doing left and right turns and backing me into corners. Now, let me tell you it was probably just

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Don’t beat yourself up

Why are we always trying to be perfect.  Even when we are doing well, we think we must do better.  Always focusing on the next challenge or goal.  And then sometimes we make a mistake.  We say the

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