Reflect your way to growth

Wow what a week of successes, failures, stumbles and skips.  My emotions and confidence levels have been doing left and right turns and backing me into corners.

Now, let me tell you it was probably just a normal week.  The kind of weeks I have been having all of my life.  I am an action orientated person.  If I get an idea, I jump onto it and make it happen.  So usually I get an awful lot done in a day or week.

So this week was all about my launch party.  I have met the printers, bought the dress, met the PR guru and designed the invites.  I am doing all the right things and ticking them off my list.  This is the natural planner in me getting right back into the mode.

The difference now is that I journal.  Each day I write about what I have learned, what I have found out about myself and others, and my successes and failures.  It adds such purpose and depth to my day-to-day action packed days, and forces me to reflect on my life.

It slows me down, and as a result I grow more.

Do you have a way to unwind a process the day?  How do you make sense of the worlds events happening around you?  I would love to hear how you learn and grow.