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The changing face of leadership

Leading a business today is tough, but it's probably no tougher than at any other time in history, just different. Technological advancement  creates changes at a super-fast rate, and your ability

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Leaders. Don’t find them – create them.

It all starts with leaders It should be easy to attract, develop and retain leaders.  After all, there are millions of books, paper and blogs on how to be a leader, more information than you can possibly

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How attractive are you as a leader?

I could not have imagined the workplace of today as I soon my first job after graduating back in 1998.  Back then we still had fax machines, fixed hours and we had our own desk.  Working from home was

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Move over Gen X- the millenials have arrived!

Have you noticed what is happening out there.  The pre recession frivolity, selfishness and greed is being looked back on as a piece of history.  We look back and think, “How stupid were they?”. 

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