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The Changing Landscape of Work and Why Gen Z and Millennials Aren’t Grateful That You Gave Them a Job

The context:Gone are the days when an organisation would hire an employee, and that employee felt forever indebted for the job and remained loyal no matter what. The workforce has changed, and

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Quiet quitting: a generational shift in the workplace

I have been watching the TikTok videos by millennial and GenZ career advisors with great interest. There is a real shift, and a following, in the advice being given to the next generation of employees.

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Leading GenZ – lessons by a GenX parent

Leading GenZ I love GenZ. As a GenX parent of GenZ kids I am so excited by the future that they will create. They are louder, more outspoken, more politically and globally aware than we ever were

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Why GenX leaders and GenZ employees will be the future of business

Boomers and Millennials get all of the spotlight so I want to shine a new light on two groups of people who really are defining what the future of work looks like. Right now GenerationX leaders account

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