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fear and blame kill performance

Fear is harming your business. 5 Ways to spot it

Fear as a management tool is common place still. Even though it’s impact is so negative on every level, fear is still the foundation of many managers toolkit. It’s not their fault, but I often

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Fear is our new normal

Normal is a perception Last night my daughter asked me what’s up with North Korea. ┬áRandom question yes, but she asked because she had heard that it’s not a place you’d be able to go

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If you think it, say it

Why oh why can’t we just say what we think.  How many times have you sat in a meeting, or had a conversation and not said what is really on your mind?   Unless you are one of the rare individuals

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The pain reaction

My daughter and I love to sit and watch a programme on the BBC called “Call the midwife“. It’s a wholehearted, back to basics series where you inevitably meet the physical pain of childbirth

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