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Connecting disconnected teams

One of the hardest jobs of a leader is to create a highly trusted, connected and aligned team. You can do the aligned goals, vision, purpose and missions work, which I think is essential by the way. Yet

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Why we need brave leaders who aren’t afraid to have the toughest conversations

One of the biggest issues facing leaders around the world right now is the avoidance of having the tough conversations. And that includes giving the honest purposeful feedback. Now, some attribute this

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My Story – Why I do what I do.

More and more I am being asked why I do what I do and what drives me. It feels really strange to share my story as I have always been preoccupied by understanding other people and exploring why we do what

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Conscious conversations to open up your team

Conscious conversations I recently watched a video on conscious parenting and how we all fall into the traps of repeating the parenting styles of our parents subconsciously.  As a parent, I have caught

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From healthy conversations come healthy cultures

How healthy are the conversations in your team?  In fact, take a step back and think about where most of the issues arise in your business?  When you boil it right down, it usually starts and ends with

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