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The future wants of work

In my book, LeaderX, I wrote about my prediction for the decade ahead. Little did I know that everything would be fast forwarded, tested and challenged in the very first year. I knew change was coming.

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LeaderX with Daniel Priestley

I remember the first time I came across Daniel Priestley. I was doing the ironing one sunday afternoon, listening to a podcast and he was the guest. I remember because it was the only time

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Team Charters. Old hat or absolute essentials?

Let’s talk Team Charters. I can see your eyes rolling now. Not another HR initiative. I have done exactly the same in the past. A set of rules and principles, handed to me or posted on a wall

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This is how to manage me – a generational view

In our work we hear more concerns from leaders about the changing dynamics of the workplace. They struggle to connect with the younger millennials, and worry that the older boomers are stuck and resistant

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Leadership Series Launch

3WH and the Hereford and Worcester Chamber of commerce is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new Leadership Development Series for 2019. •Learn more about what it takes to be an exceptional

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