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LeaderX leadership platform

Our Leadership Development programme is now online.We have always delivered our programmes in the room. We worked with leaders and their teams over a year to really focus on strategy, behaviours,

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Get people back to work without really disengaging them

The UK has been told to get back to work if safe to do so. In coming weeks, the government will launch a campaign to get everyone back into their workplaces to help boost the economy and fill our high

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The post pandemic workplace

As the Government asks us all to go back to work if we can, the 65% of British workers might take offense, as they have been working throughout the pandemic, just not in the office. Key workers were working

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The future wants of work

In my book, LeaderX, I wrote about my prediction for the decade ahead. Little did I know that everything would be fast forwarded, tested and challenged in the very first year. I knew change was coming.

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LeaderX with Daniel Priestley

I remember the first time I came across Daniel Priestley. I was doing the ironing one sunday afternoon, listening to a podcast and he was the guest. I remember because it was the

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