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5 actions that new leaders take that creates a postive impact in their first months in role

The first impression you make as a leader will have a lasting impact on your people and success.  We know the expectation that lays upon us when we take either our first, or a new leadership role. 

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Tackle poor performance now

Poor performance is the enemy of success and growth. When we work with clients we hear the same problem arising again and again.  Poor performance is causing managers stress, time and draining resources. 

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Transformation again? Get used to it.

Transformation blah blah.  What once was a buzz word now is just our way of living.  Life is changing at such a rate that we sometimes want to scream “Stop”. Can’t things just remain

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Forward to the book

Lucy Barkas is writing her first book. Her aim is to help leaders to create an culture of accountability and personal responsibility in the workplace through connection, trust and total clarity. Lucy will

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Generation X Leadership

Generation Xer’s shape the future. More and more businesses are facing generational relationship barriers in the workplace.  Casting judgements on each other such as “they just don’t

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