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How Covid changed the way we develop and what leaders need to do now

During COVID, L&D provision was probably one area leaders sliced back on. I get it. When you are fighting for survival, living in chaos, is spending money and time on development really a priority? However,

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From L&D to learning cultures

I was really lucky to have grown up in an industry where learning and development was a priority. They had a function and a budget and embedded that into the performance management culture. Everything

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Don’t beat yourself up

Why are we always trying to be perfect.  Even when we are doing well, we think we must do better.  Always focusing on the next challenge or goal.  And then sometimes we make a mistake.  We say the

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Doing v.s. Being – can we be both?

We are all complex, unique, brilliantly talented individuals.  One moment we are spontaneous, the next we maybe reflective, we can have moments of muddle, and the next be extremely focused.  This is

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