7 truths about confident people

A reoccurring topic that I see with clients is lack of confidence. This shows up in so many different disguises, but beneath it always stems down to confidence.

Lack of confidence shows up in so many ways, but to put it simply, it is when then nagging little voice, the gremlin or saboteur, puts doubt in your mind and you listen to it.

Confidence comes from having the self belief in yourself that you can, you will and that you are right. Building confidence is unique to everyone but here are some traits I see in people who have real confidence.

1. The have self worth. They believe that their ideas or contribution count. They believe that they are good enough or have the skills and abilities that count.

2. They have inner resourcefulness. Those with confidence understand that they are resourceful and they can find solutions, roll with the punches, and believe in their own ability.

3. They have a healthy relationship with risk and failure. Confident people understand that they won’t always get it right first time, or have all of the skills to solve the problem. They know that failure is nothing to be afraid of, and can be a positive force in their lives.

4. Confident people have their ego in check. They don’t believe they are better than anyone else, or less than anyone else. They know that they are unique, and have something unique to offer. They think, why not me?

5. Confident people aren’t afraid to hear the word no. They understand what they need, or understand why they want something and have the confidence in themselves to be able to ask for what they need.

6. Confident people have developed their internal power. They understand how to say yes, and no. They are able to stand up for themselves, and for others. They are connected to their values, and act on them, with purpose.

7. Confident people have the ability to be innocent and view the world with a childlike mind. Focusing on the positives, and trusting that everything works out just fine.

Over the next few articles, I will be exploring how to build more confidence, with practical advise. Maybe I will throw in some challenges and homework too.