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Master the 10 rules of conflict and lead with better decisions

When I get with a team the first thing I do is watch for conflict. When I pose a question I observe who speaks, who glances at who and what isn't being said. This gives me a real insight into how healthy

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Personal responsibility start with you

It’s not you it’s me – time to take personal responsibility. So much of the work I do is helping leaders to get what they want – for their people to take ownership and personal

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Tackle poor performance now

Poor performance is the enemy of success and growth. When we work with clients we hear the same problem arising again and again.  Poor performance is causing managers stress, time and draining resources. 

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Are you doing the leadership heavy lifting?

Leadership should be the easiest job in the world.  You create the vision of where your business is going, you align all of your processes, resources and people to deliver the vision and boom, the execution

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Performance starts with ME

It is easy to get lost in all of the research, Ted Talks, models and business books when attempting to find a solution to increase performance.  Everyday there are new words or jargon trying to say the

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