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Essential Feedback – even remote

ARE YOU GIVING STRUCTURED FEEDBACK?Feedback gets messy when there is lack of clarity over what good should look like, or confusion around deadlines, roles and responsibilities or structure. This is totally

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fear and blame kill performance

5 ways to win by focusing on people

If everything is about AI and technology, then why worry about people? It makes no sense right? well we all know than an organisation is made up of people and happy people work better, smarter, more creatively

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Why we need brave leaders who aren’t afraid to have the toughest conversations

One of the biggest issues facing leaders around the world right now is the avoidance of having the tough conversations. And that includes giving the honest purposeful feedback. Now, some attribute this

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Tackle poor performance now

Poor performance is the enemy of success and growth. When we work with clients we hear the same problem arising again and again.  Poor performance is causing managers stress, time and draining resources. 

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Too busy to be kind

This week we saw world peace day come and go.  It reminds us of the big bold mission of peace and kindness in the world, but on a more personal level it reminds us to give a little kindness everyday. Yet

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