LeaderX leadership platform

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Our Leadership Development programme is now online.

We have always delivered our programmes in the room. We worked with leaders and their teams over a year to really focus on strategy, behaviours, culture and leadership development. The results were astonishing and we delivered results.

And then we were all sent home to work if we could. Teams couldn't get together in the room anymore and yet they needed our programme more than ever. We moved into the virtual space and delivered on zoom and teams.

And the results were amazing... but

Clients wanted to revisit the material at home. They wanted to do further reading and practice at their own pace. 

So we created the LeaderX leadership portal.

With over 50 courses covering topics from team dynamics, purpose, conflict, feedback and legacy, the 5 MYs methodology moved from the book to online.

Now you can access the portal alone, or with a group or whole organisation. 

We will be delivering a series of webinars to showcase the platform so you can see for yourself how brilliant it is.

If you want to trial it for 30 day click here.