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Corporate Membership

Whether you want to develop a team together, a cohort of talent or a whole organisation, our corporate memberships give you the flexibility to develop your people, where ever they are in their development journey.

We know that GenZ and Millennials value continued personal development on their terms.

We know that there is a leadership gap, as boomers edge closer to retirement, and GenX step up to lead.

The corporate membership offers you a platform to develop your everyone. Just choose they type and number of subscriptions and get instant access.


Flexible subscriptions

Choose the subscriptions and send a link to your people to access their memberships. Put everyone on the same subscription or by different products for different groups. Minimal administration and easy set up.


Monthly payments

We offer monthly subscriptions by card or annual payments by traditional invoicing.  


3 core products

Some people want the portal and lead their own learning journey. Others want a programme to follow. Many clients want a bespoke programme with monthly workshops to deep dive into topics. You decide.

Trial the platform for 30 days and book a call to discuss your options. 

Full access to all courses, exercises and tools to help you become LeaderX.

We have delivered in the room leadership development to hundreds of leaders since 2013. Lucy Barkas, then wrote LeaderX to inspire the next generation to step up, take control and lead with impact. In the book, Lucy shares her favourite activities, case studies and tools to help leaders to align their teams around a common goal or vision. The online platform was the natural next step. Now you can access all of the in person training online and on your terms. 


Video lessons, links to other experts sharing key messages and inspiring content to help you develop.


Links to podcasts and audio files to inspire you and give you further insight.

Text and downloads

Text lessons, top tips, exercises, reflective questions and team activities.

You are in control

You choose when to learn, which topics matter most to you right now and the learning journey for you

Annual subscriptions

We are adding new content all of the time, and have options that fulfil your development priorities

Blended learning

You get things to do, things to see, things to listen too and

things to help you implement your learning and development

What’s In The Platform?

Courses are organised in the 5 MYs steps.



  • Diagnosing your business strengths and barriers to success
  • Critical analysis and root cause analysis
  • Vision, mission and purpose and how to turn it into strategy

Multiple courses

over 10 hours of content



  • What kind of leader are you to deliver your vision?
  • Skills and strengths finder to help you find your super powers
  • Values exercises, self-coaching, and interpersonal skills development

Multiple courses

Over 15 hours of development



  • Team dynamics and how to form a high performing team
  • Communicating and aligning your team
  • Creating a feedback and healthy conflict culture

Multiple Courses

Over 15 hours of team development



  • How to embed your culture and values throughout the organisation
  • Setting great goals and creating an aligned group of followers whatever the role, location or skill level.
  • Performance management approaches and how to lead high performance in 21st century.

Multiple Courses

10hrs reading time



  • Creating a lasting impact on your business, customers and world around you
  • Succession planning, talent development and future proofing your business
  • Being the leader you wish you'd had, your bigger purpose, business continuity and longevity

Multiple courses

10h reading time

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About Lucy Barkas

Lucy has been studying leadership for over 20 years, applied her learning and crafted her expertise in the energy industry before creating 3WH, leadership, team and organisational development. 

Her belief is in the power of teams, in people coming together to achieve something greater than the individual. She knows that everything starts with the Leader and their team. That's why she spends her life challenging Leaders to step up, take control and lead with impact.