How Senior Teams trump Boards everytime

"I just want people to take accountability for results"

"Why can't people just work together to find solutions instead of always pushing upwards?"

These are common frustrations that are felt by new leaders who are trying to change the way people work together. They are frustrated that people are scared to make decisions, compete with each other for resources and try and save themselves or their department rather than doing what is best for the business.

They have inherited the old style top down, director led, board style decision making culture and it's just not the way they want to lead. 

So they consciously shift to teamwork and need help and support achieving it.

Boards vs Team style leadership

I have always preferred the more participative style of leadership over autocratic. Here is why

Team - Leadership

  • Shared accountability
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Shared goals and rewards
  • Peers
  • Trust, transparency and honesty
  • One common message about strategy

Board - Directorship

  • Individual accountability
  • Individual or functional problem solving
  • Role specific goals and rewards
  • Competitors
  • Fear, politics and silos
  • Functional and departmental strategy


In the modern, agile and fast changing world, particpative leadership, teamwork and collaboration trumps formal structures. Although there is still a place for the formal, where command and control are necessary, in most cases it is not as effective. When humans hearts and minds deliver the solutions, creativity and innovation, collaborative and empowering leadership is what ignites human capability. The case for teamwork has never been greater.