Employee engagement lessons from 2020

Leaders are being asked to share their insights to help us all understand how to thrive in uncertain and volatile times. The global pandemic put many leaders in the same stormy waters. Some thrived, others found it incredibly hard - especially on the employee engagement front.

According to a recent survey of global HR leaders and employees, it was found that employees who said their company has handled COVID-19 well said it was a result of:

  • The right tools and technology for the job (42%)
  • Maintaining clear, open and timely communication (38%)
  • Taking care of employees wellbeing (35%)

The lessons will keep on coming, but for now, what we know is that those leaders who invested in the systems, tools and technology, whilst focusing on upping their communication whilst taking care of their people did better. Now leaders must keep doing these things well as we rebuild and reshape for the years ahead.  

How leaders impact the employees’ day-to-day lives, in and outside of work is more critical than ever. When I formed 3WH in 2013, i create my mission statement which is more true today.

3WH is on a mission to create a positive leadership ripple effect that impacts peoples work, lives, communities and ultimately the world.

We have all reassessed our lives and made commitments to ourselves that we want a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life. To keep your talent and attract the best candidates in the future, you need to connect with hearts and minds. Tell a compelling purpose, vision or mission story that is underpinned in your values and culture. Offer support, benefits and perks that help people to live their best lives, grow, develop and progress. To thrive in the future, you need to reconnect with the humans within your organisation first.

Many of the leading employers are providing employee perks that are both unique and surprising, relevant to their organization and meaningful to the employees they want to attract. 

Engagement lessons

Lesson 1

Connect with purpose, values and bigger impact. Talk about it. Live it. Embed it into your culture. People follow movements and causes and you can attract people who believe in what you stand for. You will create a loyal tribe.

Lesson 2

Make mental, physical and financial wellbeing a priority. You know that healthy, happy people perform better. To boost performance, think about real strategies that boost wellbeing. How can you alleviate stress? How can you be healthier? Are you paying people fairly? Do people have rest? 

Lesson 3

Give people a reason to willingly stay. We don't mean they stay because they fear losing their job. We mean people stay because the want to. They feel appreciated, rewarded, and can see a future that they want to be part of. They see development, growth and investment. People who feel like they belong and are socially connected to their colleagues are more engaged. 

And if you aren't sure what strategy to form - ask your people. Don't assume you know what they want. Talk to them. Listen to them. Make them part of the solution.