Dimensional Leadership in action

Yesterday was the CTI Global Co-active Summit.  Although I wasn’t able to fly out to California myself, I attended a local summit in Warwick with 4 other coaches, lead by Jude Jennison.   I was excited to attend as I knew that this years summit was focusing on leadership, and introducing the dimensional leadership model.

dimensionalleadershipI was also curious to explore the idea of moving from a ME centred leadership role, where you lead, your life and business from an individual centred approach, to a WE approach.  Understanding that although we are all individuals, with our own unique skills, we can lead from the front, behind and side, and very importantly, from within, as a group, team, community and society.

Jude works with her horses, and helps leaders find their inner leader and about their leadership approach. Through working with horses, leaders learn how to be calm and confident under pressure, create relationships based on trust and mutual respect and communicate with greater clarity and authenticity.

I was intrigued to see how this worked, so approaching her Warwickshire paddock, I was slightly nervous, and widely curious.    Exploring the dimensional leadership model, seemed to finally name and demonstrate the leadership practices I develop.  Using the context of horses brought it to life quickly.


Dimensional Leadership in action

We are all leaders, but traditionally we only develop our leadership from the front skills.  Those that have the direction, inspiration, vision and goals.  Then we have our inner leader to develop.  Understanding our inner leader and listening to the lessons our inner leader can teach us is critical in all leadership roles.

Leadership from the side, is a most rewarding role.  Whether as a colleague, parent or partner or friend, this is the role we often neglect to recognise.  The influence, guidance, knowledge and expertise within leading from the side is essential to the success of any team.  This role leads by keep on track, looking at what is going on right now, adjusting and flexing all of the time.

And finally Leading from behind.  A vital role, to keep momentum, sometimes kick a kick up the back side, driving forward.

No one leadership role is more important than the other.  Working as a whole, dipping into each role fluidly and going with the flow is the key to successful projects, groups and relationships.  Everyone valued, everyone leading, no egos or power, just unity towards a common goal.

This is just a taster of dimensional leadership.  Follow my posts for more information and insights.  Why not watch this fable to see the how dimensional leadership works.

The Hedgehog and the waterfall fable