1 reason to hire a coach

When I meet people and explain that I am a coach, I get a mixed response.  I offer to show people what coaching is rather than explaining, to make it into a tangible product.  Everyone of course gets something out of that sample session, and there is always a shift in them.

However, why do people move from a sample session to hiring a coach?

There is only one reason to hire a coach:  to get where you want to go faster and easier.

As the phrases goes, time is money and coaching helps clients make the right changes and decisions more quickly than doing it alone.  Clients also make the right ones because a coach doesn’t influence the decision-making, they just create a space for the client to explore options, and to think big.

Of course it’s a lot more than just faster and easier.  It comes down to time

What is time?  It is a strange thing.  When you are enjoying yourself it goes by without noticing.  When you are unfulfilled or stressed, each second can feel like an eternity.  Sometimes it takes us 6 month to 6 years to make the change we always wanted.  Imagine you were at the last year of your life, that 6 months feels pretty valuable then.  Yet we waste time being stuck, procrastinating, and not facing our fears.

Many businesses have failed because they wasted time, or put off making decisions.  Many have succeeded because they saw an opportunity and took it.

Time is life and isn’t it better to enjoy every moment, or live it to the max.  The question is whether you are willing to keep running to stand still, wasting months or years, or are ready to take a leap.


The coach supports client in discovering where they want to move forward, and what is stopping them.  Then the coach and the client work together to overcome those obstacles, through commitment and action.

So the 1 reason to hire a coach is time.