What a month April was

I have been journaling everyday so I can remember these extraordinary times. We are living history and I don’t want to forget the highs, lows, twists and turns and gratitude.

Lockdown is surreal and feels strangely normal now. From initial shock and panic as all workshops, speaking bookings and client meetings began to cancel or postpone due to lockdown, homeschooling and fear, eventually we got into a new rhythm. 

But I didn’t want to overlook some huge wins, which normally I would be celebrating with friends.

I launched series 2 of the #LeaderX podcast. In fact I have been able to interview some incredible guests and I have loved the process. I think it comes across because I have had such positive feedback too. Catch the latest epiosde here


and I published not one, but two books

and I am still consulting, coaching and delivering virtual workshops.

So far this month I have delivered:

  • a webinar to 174 MBA students in India
  • a team behaviours session to a senior team 
  • a workshop on priority planning
  • effective communication
  • matrix style working