The future of work is closer than you think

Paul McGillivray of remote and Lucy Barkas chat about why Leaders need to rethink their automation strategy and focus on operations before sales and marketing.

"the number of sales we can take is actually constrained by the number of sales we can fulfil. So, if we can increase that capacity, then we can bring in more sales. So actually, although it goes in the order of sales, operations, support, I really like the idea of starting with operations. Let's increase that capacity, and then you can put many more coins in the metre and get that whole sales marketing funnel going"

Paul is right. So many leaders focus on sales-sales-sales, without focusing on whether they can fulfil the orders once they start coming in. He recommends automating as much of the operational functions as possible, and once you can turn production or service up or down with ease, then start automating the sales and marketing function. Start with growth in mind.

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