Step up or Step Down

Over the last few months I have met more and more leaders who are preparing for a step change in business performance. Over the last few years they have battened down the hatches, survived, cut costs or became leaner. Though they have survived the tough times, they are now ready to leap forward.

As we talk, we discuss what that leap looks like and how will they prepare themselves and their people in making the leap. Step change. That is the phrase that keeps coming up. To take a leap, grow, advance or expand they need a step change in leadership and management behaviours and mindsets. They know that the next 12 months will be transformational, but they don’t have the right behaviours or people in place today to get them there.

As the Deloitte Global Survey writes:

Now, companies are scaling for different goals, such as innovation and moving at high speed. Ninety percent of companies are redesigning their organizations to be more dynamic, team-centric, and connected. These changes require not just new operating models, but a different type of leadership to mobilize and execute these models.

Are you developing the millennials to navigate the new, highly agile, fast changing and innovative world?

Are you investing in your people and teams to create the safe, trusted and open environments where creativity, strategic thinking and people thrive and flourish.

If the answer is no then you aren’t ready to make the step change and take the leap.

And this is what 3WH specialises in. We are a business change consultancy that focuses on developing leaders, managers and teams to make a step change in performance and be the leaders of today and tomorrow.