Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Problems are inevitable, how you deal with them is a choice.

So many times I meet Managers who become enthused by the prospect of making a positive change.  They totally get the work we do and why we do it.  They want to motivate, engage and empower their people.  They want to develop people and inspire, and to lead a successful team.

We give them the tools, knowledge and skills to create high performing teams and to develop talent but all too often we can bet on the ones who will make a change, and those that won’t.  How can we tell?  Well it comes down to mindset and attitude.  They are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Solution focused

Those that will succeed are the Managers that see the obstacles and barriers ahead, but still believe there is value in pursuing anyway.  They know it will be hard work, and that makes them want it more.  Often they see culture, processes, or even the attitude of their own leaders as the problem, yet they focus on solutions anyway.  They excite and enthuse, set goals and act as role models of change.  They are able to influence others and create a vision for the future and they don’t quit.

Problem Focused

Even some of the best Managers can become stuck.  Often they were once enthused or passionate, but over the years they have become stuck.  They become stuck in the problem mind-set.  They have tried before and failed.  They have stuck their head up and been knocked down one too many times.  They have become part of the problem by accepting the status quo.  They are the problem by accepting poor performance or see innovation and creativity as just another initiative.

They get why things need to change, but they have lost the spirit to try, thus perpetuating the problems.

If you find you are stuck remember that you have a choice.  You can stay stuck whilst the world changes around you or you can be the change.  Be a resistor or a change maker.  Be a multiplier or a divider.  Stay safe or choose excitement.  Often it is just a state of mind, and you have a choice whether to accept the problems or to be part of the solution.

But honestly, if you accept the problems and reject solutions, don’t criticise or stop those who are trying to make the world a little better.

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