LeaderX made no 1

Who releases a new book during the first week of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic? That would be me, Lucy Barkas, author of LeaderX. All promotional engagements got cancelled and the launch party postponed. Yet the book was released and as it turns out it was very timely - it got to number 1.

... and we are totally over the moon.

"Throughout our lives we all experience ‘our decade’. This is the decade that defines us, shapes us and, in turn, we shape it. The 2020s is one of those decades that will go down in history as defining, momentous and significant. Its impact on people’s lives is still yet to be written, but one thing for sure is this will be the decade when X-Gen and the X-Gen will come into their own."

LeaderX values Autonomy, Freedom,Relationships, Fun and Experience.

All of the qualities we need right now to liberate teams to do collaborate for solutions

This book is for the forgotten generation who I call X-Gen - GenerationX, born between
1968 and 1976, and the cusp generation known as the Xennials, born 1977 and 1985. As X-Gen step up to lead consciously, I see a shift in the way they think about work and the impact leaders have on their people, communities and the world around them. This new kind of leader is LeaderX and they will pioneer a complete change in corporate culture and the way we do business. This book is your call to arms to step up, take the lead and create the change you have been gently influencing from the sidelines for too long.

Only today we have seen what bad leadership looks like, with Gordon Ramsey, Rick Stein and Daniel Levey all coming under criticsm for the way they have treated their people during this pandemic. Hundreds of people have had job offers recalled - after they have handed in their notice, leaving them totally exposed and vulnerable. This poor leadership is negatively effected not only how their people feel about them, but also the customer perception too.

We need LeaderX to step up and take the lead now, more than ever before.