Celebrate your success



December and January seems to be the month of award ceremonies.  Whether it’s the Golden Globes, Oscars, Sales Person of the Year, or Company of the Year.  Celebrating success is so important to sustain motivation, growth and performance.  Even being nominated is a great motivator.  Not all of us are in the world of big award ceremonies, so how do we celebrate success.

First we need to define what is success to us.  Celebrating someone elses target, goal, or productivity maybe the way of the performance driven business, but it feels pretty empty for us as individuals.  Our success can be only be measured on the value and effort we commit.

Now on a big project or plan, the end goal maybe very clear, but maybe a very long way away.  So what small milestones might you have along the way.  Break it down so that you can see each step along the way.  Then think about what it would feel like to succeed in achieving that milestone.

Celebrating successes is really important, and it’s not only about the output.  It is really important to celebrate the way in which you succeeded.  How did you approach it, did you stay focused, did you ask for help when you needed it, did you pick yourself up when you thought you were beaten, did you over come fear?

The journey to the success is worth celebrating in itself, and this is also where the learning happens.  You test your knowledge, skills understanding and resilience.

Celebrating success is essential to build your brand.  If you don’t celebrate your achievements, who else is going to know how far you’ve come, or what you have achieved.  Go on, shout out and be proud.

Of course the celebration should be proportional to the success gained.  It would be pretty hard to justify booking a 2 week cruise just for making your first nominal sales, or losing 2 lb in weight.  That said, it is a success nevertheless and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

In the article 30 ways to celebrate success  Alyssa Gregory shows us some great examples from, going out to dinner to tweeting about it.  It gives plenty of ideas of how you can celebrate all of your small and huge successes.

Keeping a journal is one of my favorites, because when you look back you realise all that you have learned and developed along the way.

So todays homework……………

What goal or task have you set yourself this week and how will you celebrate it once you have achieved it