You’ve got potential

Wow - you have so many LeaderX qualities that mean that you really value, people, relationships and teams. You love people to come together, be themselves and to learn and grow together. 

You might struggle having the tough feedback conversations, or holding others accountable, but love to give praise and celebrate successes. Although you favour harmony, you love the energy of positive debates and challenge, so long as it's respectful and kind.

LeaderX invests in teams and relationships, values flexibility and freedom and loves to inject fun into their working environments. They are also focused on delivering their vision and creating focused goals and priorities to help everyone achieve. Yes, life is a journey, but they always keep the destination in mind. So I guess you can say they marry the hard business skills with the softer (yet harder) people and human skills. 

If you haven't done so already - buy the LeaderX book to learn how to develop yourself and your business further. And if you are looking for

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