What is a team?

A team is simply a group of people (3-12 ideally) that work together towards a common goal or objective.

We have come across groups who thought they were teams simply because they had the same Manager, but they did not have a shared goal or objective.  Forcing them to act as a team actually caused a number of dysfunctional behaviour and wasted a lot of time, energy and resource.

It is more common now with agile or matrix style working to be a member of multiple teams at the same time.  You may have you peer team, your direct team that works for you, a project team that you maybe involved in and maybe a steering group or tactical team.  Each team will have it’s own culture, objective and energy.  For an individual it can be difficult to understand how to be in each team, which is why clarity over team goals and priorities is essential.

I within the WE

The team is a group of individuals who each have their own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, experience and skills to deliver their individual components or tasks.  A cohesive, successful team develops the individual and their motivations, but within the framework of the team goals – the I within the WE.  Each team member may work on their own deliverables, but in unison with the team to deliver team results, thus achieving personal satisfaction and feeling part of something greater than themselves.