Team Coaching for Senior Leadership teams and Boards

Shifting Mindsets from Operational to Strategic Thinking

At 3WH, we work with Senior Leadership Teams and Boards to help them shift from a functional mindset to strategic organisational leadership. Our goal is to help teams move away from operational or individualistic-thinking that creates conflict and land grab discussions, and work cohesively as a group. We will ensure that all perspectives and ideas are heard and considered, ensuring that your team can work together effectively. 

Conflict and disagreements are normal when discussing strategic objectives. Each member of your team will have their own ideas, motivations, and agendas. During the group coaching sessions, members put their team hat on and learn to use these disagreements as a source of creative solutions. This way, the energy of the group can be shifted, allowing for more productive meetings and better results.

Align your team

And together design a new way of behaving and getting things done


Your team will collaboratively create a unique, shared vision of what they want to be, how they will behave, and what they will achieve. This process will foster a sense of ownership, purpose, and alignment among team members, and help them overcome any existing conflicts, misunderstandings, or biases. Your coach will facilitate this process based on a proven methodology and tools, tailored to your team's needs and goals.


Your coach will guide your team through challenging topics and conversations, such as trust, diversity, accountability, innovation, and change. Use a variety of methods and techniques, we promote mutual understanding, respect, and creativity. Your coach will also monitor and manage team dynamics, promote inclusivity and participation, and ensure that everyone's voice is heard and valued.


Your team will learn how to recognise and prevent anti-team behaviours, such as negativity, blame, gossip, or exclusion. Your coach will help your team develop a sense of understanding and kindness towards each other, by fostering a culture of appreciation, recognition, and support. Your coach will also encourage your team to celebrate successes, learn from failures, and continuously improve their performance and collaboration.


Higher productivity:

  • Together agree on defined shared purpose, objectives, and goals with clarity
  • Members become engaged in finding solutions and become jointly committed to achieving results
  • Misunderstandings are minimised and time is used productively
  • Leveraging the team's diverse perspectives, skills, and experience, better ideas, solutions, and thinking is generated.

Better decisions:

  • By listening to understand, your team will gather the most relevant and accurate information and insights to inform their decisions.
  • By considering all motivations and perspectives, your team will be able to identify potential risks, opportunities, and trade-offs that may affect their decisions.
  • Your team will be able to weigh the pros and cons of different options and choose the best one for their situation.
  • By involving everyone in the decision-making process, your team will increase their ownership, accountability, and buy-in for the outcomes.

One team approach:

  • Members recognise this as their #1 team and feel a sense of belonging
  • Enhance the reputation and image of your team.
  • Create trust amongst team members.
  • Role model teamwork that becomes the culture of the organisation.

3WH Team Coaching helped us agree how the culture of the team should be and commit to shifting behaviours. They also helped us agree a common purpose and goal, and align each member to achieve collective results.

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The Group Coaching Package

Our standard coaching package for new clients includes an onboarding session with the CEO, Leader, or Chair to identify the perceived issues and pain points. followed an onboarding session with the team followed by 6 coaching hours over an agreed period of time.

£6000 but can be tailored specifically to your needs

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