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Business consultancy

Are you looking to improve your Leadership and People Performance? 

Business Consultancy

People are your greatest asset, and they can also be your greatest barrier to success. Missed targets, conflict, poor performance, it distracts you from leading. Then throw in the mix a multi-generational workforce who have different learning needs, working styles and demands and it can all feel really complex. Business Consultancy can help your business get to where it needs to be.

There is a solution.

Our clients work with us because they have similar problems. They find themselves with a range of diverse talent and want to develop, motivate and engage them to do their best work. Yet they spend their time fixing problems and performance and engagement doesn’t improve. They know there is a different way, and just want their people to do their best work, best thinking and to enjoy the process.

Most companies struggle to get on top of their performance management processes, especially in a remote or hybrid working environment.. The pressure of annual target setting, mid-year reviews and the annual appraisal fill people with dread. Piles of paperwork, conflict, fear and HR breathing down your neck leads to a really negative experience. No one enjoys is and it doesn’t work.

It can be different.

When you shift from process to people you shift to positive performance management (PPM) and focus on developing your talent, you can create a thriving, energised and aligned business culture. Managing performance in real-time, with real conversations between real people and will result in real performance.

When you focus on the present performance rather than the past, and coaching your people to focus on making improvements for the future, people feel engaged and empowered to do their best work. It takes a change in mindset, culture and behaviours, starting at the top.

You are the expert in your business, but you may not have the time and expertise to deliver development.  We help you gain clarity over the root causes and deliver solutions to fix them and create change, so you can focus on what you do best – leading the business.

There are 3 stages to our Business Consultancy, Consultancy, Training and cultural change:

We work with you to create a performance management process that aligns to your vision, mission and culture. We help you create a sustainable approach, then deliver the solution, train and develop the skills to embed the change and support you as you take control.

business consultancy


We can review your current culture, processes and systems, identify what works well, and what doesn't and create a clear roadmap for change. Starting with vision and values and all the way through to managing poor performance, we help you gain total clarity on your blocks and barriers to high performance.We partner with you to deliver exceptional solutions specific to your needs and priorities.


Once we agree with the strategy together, the hard part comes. Changing behaviours and developing skills to be effective coaching managers is essential.From crafting a vision, to goal setting, from courageous conversations to managing conflict, we have a workshop to meet your needs and develop your managers to feel confident in leadership.Managers have been weighed down for so long and complain that they don’t have time to do the “people stuff”. We are here to change that story.


Once you shift from process to people, you also shift to trust and autonomy. Moving to a coaching, developing and empowering culture takes time.It filters through to your recruitment, onboarding, talent management and career development approach. It impacts how you rate performance, reward and recognise performance. We are here to help ease the transition and manage the change.

Book a free consultation now to decide

  • What. Get clarity over what outcomes you want.
  • How. Create a clear strategy and plan and make it happen
  • When. You decide when you want to start
business consultancy

The Business Consultancy Package

Project management and consultancy from £500 per day (dependent on contract)

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