GenerationX did growing up differently and wanted work to be as much of an experience as the rest of their lives were

How GenX owned the 90's and how that informs the way they do relationship.

How growing up in the 80's made LeaderX

What's in the book? Part 3 gives readers the tool to embed their strategy

What's in the book? Part 2 explores the values of Generation X and the Xennials and how it informs the way they lead, and holds them back and why they are the bridge of the generations.

What's in the book? Part 1 explores what makes GenerationX tick, how they were shaped and reminds us of the 80's, 90's and noughties.

Why did I write this book? The next decade will see a new type of leader which will impact the way we lead. GenerationX and the Xennials are on the rise.

Books that Inspired MyBusiness step. Work of leaders and The Infinite Game

Books that Inspired Teamwork. Patrick Lencioni

Books that Inspired LeaderX. Brene Brown and Dare to Lead.

Books that Inspired LeaderX. Ray Dalio and Principles.