What will MySelf cover?

In this step, the leader must ask themselves...

‘What kind of leader do I need to be to deliver my vision?’  

It is the self-awareness step. If you haven’t done any self-development work before, you might find this step a little uncomfortable as you will be asked to accept who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for.  

You will be asked to critically assess your strengths, weaknesses, values and attitudes, and to understand how these have an impact on your behaviour and decisions.  

LeaderX leads with trust, integrity and authenticity and that can only come from knowing yourself. 

I hold up a mirror to help you see the value you add, as well as when you are getting in your own way. I help you to be a leader within, so you can be a brilliant leader of others. You will become confident and accept your ability to lead and, in turn, create followership.

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