I’ll be honest with you, although the rewards are huge, it’s not going to be easy. Looking at yourself and taking responsibility for your life can be tough. Equally, if you aren’t comfortable talking about your wants, needs and strengths, accepting your gifts will be equally uncomfortable.  

As you choose to drop the mask and let your true self be seen, you might get a huge vulnerability hangover and want to go running back into your cave of protection. It’s natural. Change of any type is scary, but that’s why you need courage, and I will tell you one thing for sure; we all want our leaders to be courageous.  


"Self-awareness is a continual journey. Sometimes you will discover things for yourself, other times you need people to help you by giving feedback."

So, I am going to take you on a self-awareness journey, sharing some of the tools and exercises I use to help leaders reconnect with themselves and discover the leader within. I recommend getting a journal or nice notebook so you can capture all your insight and reflections. 

Top Tip

Every time someone sees a strength in you that you consider a weakness, or you can’t even acknowledge within yourself, consider where the truth might lie. Is there some merit in their perception of you?

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