The importance of self-awareness

Without self-awareness, you become defensive about your mistakes and try to hide your weaknesses. The imposter syndrome knocks your confidence, and you feel stressed and anxious.  

Real confidence is grounded in knowing yourself and totally owning it. Self-preservation becomes the fortress of isolation. Your self-preservation mask might show up as micro-managing, taking the credit, being in control, volatility, resistance to change, being the peacemaker or getting busy doing and working hard. It’s the worst parts of your character and it’s not nice to be around.  

You know the phrase, people don’t leave a company, they leave a boss – that speaks to the leader without self-awareness.  

LeaderX wants to be the best leader they can be every day so they can be of service to their followers. To do that they need to understand their strengths and limitations. They need to know when they are in flow, and equally when they aren’t feeling it, and then adapt their behaviours accordingly. 

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