Integrity is when you do as you say, walk the talk and do the right thing. This is moral and ethical integrity.  

LeaderX leads with integrity. It’s as though they have a moral and ethical compass and continuously assess they are facing their true north. Where authenticity is about being genuinely yourself, integrity is about holding yourself to a set of internal standards.  

Leadership integrity looks like: 

  • A leader who holds themselves and others to a moral and behavioural code. It shows up in the way a leader speaks to, guides and reacts to group members.  
  • Leaders who communicate truthfully with group members, regardless of the situation, complexity or sensitivity. 
  • Knowing your values and principles and stepping up to honour them and asserting boundaries. 
  • Speaking clearly about intentions, actions and goals and staying focused on achieving them. 
  • Admit when they fail to role model best practice, apologise and work to improve.

Leaders who have presence and charisma also have integrity. LeaderX has witnessed many imperfect leaders. They witnessed those who own their mistakes and rise to the challenge of improvement. They have also witnessed fallen leaders who lie, blame, shame and deflect. This is why they are generally sceptical realists.  

Be the leader with integrity and notice how respect and followership is created. 

The below worksheet provides questions to get you thinking about and understanding your own integrity. 

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