What if I skip MySelf?

The one constant in all of your roles and responsibilities is you. You can change company, or roles, but your attitudes, behaviours and values always go with you.  

I want to follow a leader who leads consciously and with purpose. I honestly believe that some people know more about their favourite football team or holiday destination than they do about themselves. I certainly wouldn’t put my trust in someone who doesn’t even know what makes them tick.  

I nearly wrote the book, “It’s not me it’s you” because I would meet a leader who would say, “the problem round here is the Managers and other people”. It was a red flag that they had not done the self-development work. I won’t work with leaders who use statements like that. I will work with leaders who say, The problem round here is that the Managers just don’t seem to deliver what I need them to deliver. Perhaps there is something in my communication skills?” 

The leaders who don’t take responsibility for their actions and blame others create environments of blame, shame and fear. If you as a leader, skip this step, you won’t achieve a high performing culture based on openness, trust, continual improvement and success. 

Click the link below to access the PDF document highlighting 10 signs you may be an unaware leader



What do you know?

What skills, strengths and values do you know you have? How are they helping or hindering your right now?


What do others tell you?

What feedback have you received that may give you clues to parts of your character?


Blind Spots

What don't you know, because you have never tried it, or experienced it? How you you test yourself?

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