The outcome of MyTeam

Now no one is bigger than the team and everyone will be equally valuable and valued. It’s a really special thing to be part of, and protecting the team and what it stands for becomes a priority for everyone.  

After doing the work, as a team, you will all:  

  • get clarity over who is doing what by when;
  • know what the goals and objectives are and how you will achieve them;
  • get specific on how you behave around each other and what to do when things go wrong;
  • be super focused on doing your best work, and best thinking together;
  • enjoy fun and engaging meetings;
  • have a greater sense of belonging.

‘We are taught how to lead teams, but rarely do we learn how to be on a team.’

Lucy Barkas

Now that you have understood the purpose of the MyTeam stage, let's dig deeper into how to prepare yourself for this stage. I will provide you with an exercise which will enable you to discover if your team is really a team and, once again, revisit your purpose as the leader of your team.

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