How can you do the MyTeam step?

In this chapter, I will help you understand what is essential to do before you start the MyTeam step. This is because most teams are in complete denial about how they are performing, especially the more senior teams. After all, they are responsible for leading others, so if they can’t play nice together, it reflects badly on them. They certainly won’t want to admit they are responsible for the business’s underperformance. So you need to be mindful of their fear, ego and resistance to change.

Top tip

Positioning the message about team development is critical.

I highly recommend bringing in an expert like me when you embark on this kind of development programme as there is generally low trust and you will need to go on the journey with them, as one of them, a team member. You need to be clear on your purpose and vision for both the team and business, and help them buy-in to the development. Sell them the dream and be honest about your feelings about the journey ahead. It will make it so much easier.

How it Works

Once I have been introduced to the team, I generally meet each member on a one-to-one basis. I ask questions, listen to their answers and ask them how they want to develop the team. It’s a trust-building activity, which also helps me create something totally bespoke. I need the team members to feel heard and feel safe around me as it’s always deep and tough work, but the payback for everyone is huge.

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