Organisational Excellence

9 Lessons Intermediate

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Course Structure

Bringing it all together 2 Lessons

Bringing it all together

This lesson introduces the module and explains the importance of bringing it all together.

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The balanced scorecard

This lesson teaches you about the importance of the balanced scorecard and how it can help you as a leader consider all options.

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Decision Making 3 Lessons

Decision Making

This lesson goes through the importance of decision making and how it can help you as a leader.

Identifying the real problem

This lesson goes through 5 whys analysis and why it is a useful tool. 

Stakeholder analysis

This lesson goes through stakeholder analysis and why it is necessary in making decisions.

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Important skills 4 Lessons

Understanding risks

This lesson provides some useful tools on understanding risk before jumping in to making a decision.


This lesson teaches you the importance of delegating and how you can improve as a leader.


This lesson discusses overcoming procrastination.