What is your business purpose?

LeaderX knows their purpose, both personally and professionally, and uses it to fuel their fire.  

Whilst goals are important to them, the bigger purpose and vision is what occupies their minds and excites them. The targets become the short-term feedback mechanism to let them know if they are on track rather than becoming their reason for being. 

When asking leaders to share their business purpose, if they answer with a number, they are answering the wrong question. Your purpose is not to make money for the sake of making money or to hit a number. Your purpose is something much deeper than that. 

Your business was founded because someone at some point wanted to make a difference, to help others or to improve the world in some way. They saw a problem and wanted to find a solution, and this became their purpose.  

Purpose conveys what you stand for historically, ethically, emotionally, or in practical terms. It is the force that compels you to keep going, even in the darkest of times.  

Think about any cause, movement or trend that you have followed – there was always a purpose. We see it in marketing campaigns, charitable causes and even political speeches all the time. It’s the reason people signed up to fight in the 2nd World War or why you might willingly work late, commute for miles or even give up your free time for overseas business trips. 

"Winning the battle between freedom and tyranny... it is now time to take longer strides and to take a leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to the future on Earth." ~ President Kennedy 

"To host a Games where everyone could join in, and to inspire a generation." ~ London 2012 Olympics 

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