Introduction to MyLegacy

For LeaderX, legacy is not about them or being iconised. Their legacy is all about contributing and creating a positive ripple effect by the way that they think, empower, inspire and challenge the status quo.  

The legacy of LeaderX is all about evolution, not revolution and is already creating a profound effect on the world. This final stage of the process forces leaders to consider what they want their lasting impact to be on their people, business culture and maybe even the wider community, and then to set about making that happen. 

The cynical X-Gen have seen the consequences of both short-term thinking and leaders focusing on yearly profits over long-term sustainability. It leads to boom and bust, bog snorkelling, pressure and stress. Managers deliver the immediate goals, but leaders need to play the long game.  

Leadership is about thought leadership, invoking change and delivering purpose. Leaders can see a different future and stand up to make that future a reality. Even after they are long gone, the impact they had continues. It’s quite a responsibility.  

MyLegacy has two main concerns.  

1. What is the impact of my leadership?  

2. How can I ensure my impact continues even when I am not around?

No one really knows what their legacy will be, but if you focus on purpose and impact, you are likely to make your legacy a good one. All of these modules aim to inspire a generation of leaders to step up, make a change and lead with purpose.  

I have observed so many talented, experienced and values-driven people, who had all of the qualities to become great leaders, hold themselves back. It needed to stop.  

Sheryl Sandberg hit the nail on the head when she said, ‘Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.’  

Legacy has a different edge to LeaderX. They focus on being the best versions of themselves (Leading from within), living with purpose (Leading from the front) and leading others to be the best that they can be (Leading from the side). Legacy is simply the gift that is handed down, endowed or conveyed from one person to another. It is the impact you have on others just by existing.  

That kindness you showed, that smile you gave, that opportunity you created for others – all of these moments become your legacy, and you may never truly know the impact that you have had on this planet.  

I placed the legacy step at the end of the 5 steps, but it could just as easily be the first. Your legacy might be what you leave behind, but if you want to make a purposeful impact on this world, then you should start with the end in mind.  

LeaderX always works to lead consciously and shape their actions and decisions based on integrity. Whether you are stepping into leadership for the first time, an existing CEO or a founder of a company, you had a dream of what could be when you first took the position.  

On the journey to your destination, you will have setbacks and triumphs, but with conscious choices, you persevere towards creating an enduring legacy. The MyLegacy stage challenges leaders to think about their ultimate game and the impact they want to have long after they have gone.  

Within the MyLegacy module, I guide leaders to answer the important questions about how they want to be remembered as a leader, how they are making good decisions for the business and what are they doing for the communities around them.  

Everything that is discovered and decided here naturally then feeds into the MyPresent step as we think purpose and vision. It’s a continual cycle, with each step informing the next. Legacy is so deeply personal when I work with the leaders of organisations, I try and make it a little more tangible. 


Lucy Barkas


Ask yourself the following questions:  

1. What value will you add as a leader?  

2. Are you leading a moral, legal and ethical business that will stand the test of time?  

3. Do you have a succession plan so you can hand over the business to someone even better and aligned?  

4. What’s your exit strategy, and are you focusing on leaving a better business than the one you inherited?  

5. Will you leave a sustainable business behind? 

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